We will be guided by human-centered design key principles
Provide tangible guidance for the design experience.

We will utilize common behaviors and understandings 

To identify touch points and shared goals between the variety of users.

Project team composition

Design Director

Lead UX Designer

Senior UX Designer/UX Researcher

Lead Visual Designer

Senior Business Analyst

General list of deliverables:

UI documentation wherever applicable for development purposes

Brief documentation
MVP features documentation
MVP user journey map documentation UX activity documentation
Interactive prototype
Figma files wherever applicable


Business Requirements 

This is the first official meeting with he stakeholders to fully understand the product and the requirements of the project. 

We will need to answer the What, the Why and the How.

Focus Groups / Surveys 

A focus group is a very old but effective methodology to gain understanding for others. It’s been used widely in the UX industry as part of research deliverables to provide input and to gain insights of user behaviors and motives.
This is usually conducted in person or remotely with a group of 3 - 5 people with open discussion / questions related to our platform.

User Personas 

A persona is a user’s complete profile (name, occupation, challenges, pain points, habits, favorite brands, etc...) for our target audience.
Based on our gained insights we will define 3 to 5 persona types to act as our source of truth that will influence our decisions.

Competitive Analysis & Discovered Features

Having a look at the competition will be a good benchmark to define, validate and utilize useful features that can be added to our list of identified features

User Journey Map and MVP features

We will create user journey experience maps to identify essential needs that will help us to identify the necessary features to include in our MVP.


Ideation in a form of sketches for different concepts that allows for ideas to be tested and verified very quickly.

User Flow

A user flow is a step-by-step diagram of specific features and activities done by users to help them complete a task by moving through screens.


Ideation in a form of sketches for different concepts that allows for ideas to be tested and verified very quickly.

Information Architecture

Card Sorting is a method used to group certain pieces of information together.
 We will utilize card sorting with real people to understand how they sort or group information together which will influence our decisions for content architecture.

Site Map

This is where we decide on the site navigation based on the information architecture activity.

Wireframes + Interaction Design

Building the wireframes inline with components guidelines taking into consideration the interaction design.


Preparing a rich and interactive design with visual elements for user testing.

User Testing

User testing is about bringing in real users to test crucial product features. We give them specific tasks to achieve and validate their experience.

Design System

Based on the user feedback results and final design decisions, we will start preparing design system as a design transfer documentation

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